We dedicate this award to the memory of the late Mary Pazdur, NP, who dedicated her life and career to caring for her family and her patients. Mary was instrumental in providing support and guidance during the creation of the Journal of the Advanced Practitioner in Oncology (JADPRO). The Mary Pazdur Award for Excellence in Advanced Practice in Oncology recognizes and honors a member of the Advanced Practitioner Society for Hematology and Oncology (APSHO) who demonstrates exemplary leadership and makes outstanding contributions in areas of clinical practice, research, education, collaboration and mentorship.


Does this describe an extraordinary advanced practitioner that you know?

The Mary Pazdur Award for Excellence in Advanced Practice in Oncology recognizes and honors an APSHO member who consistently demonstrates exemplary leadership and outstanding contributions in clinical practice, research, education, collaboration, and mentorship.

Nominations will be accepted beginning in December 2018. The winner of the award will receive a $5,000 grant, a trip to JADPRO Live 2019, and recognition both at the conference and in an issue of the Journal of the Advanced Practitioner in Oncology (JADPRO).

History of JADPRO
As a seasoned oncology advanced practitioner, Mary was instrumental in helping to refine the concept behind the creation of JADPRO. She validated our idea for a journal that would speak specifically to the needs of this highly skilled, highly trained set of oncology professionals.
Jack Gentile, Publisher

A new kind of journal

In 2010, Harborside Press launched the Journal of the Advanced Practitioner in Oncology, better known as JADPRO. The goal of the journal was to fill a content gap that existed for a growing number of healthcare providers—nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinical nurse specialists, advanced degree nurses, and pharmacists. Finally, this group had a peer-reviewed journal that met their specific clinical, professional, and educational needs. The reaction to JADPRO was overwhelming. JADPRO became a must-read for this group of advanced practitioners caring for patients with cancer.

Taking the show on the road

The success of the journal encouraged its creators to produce a live event. In 2014, Harborside brought the collaborative format found in the journal to a room filled with more than 250 advanced practitioners (APs). This triple-accredited conference, known as JADPRO Live, now welcomes more than 1,300 attendees to a four-day event of education, hands-on skills, research presentations, networking opportunities, and professional development.

A new society is born

Working on a diverse care team is nothing new to APs in oncology. But outside of the hospital, clinic, or comprehensive care center, oncology APs had no place to connect with their multidisciplinary colleagues, and no way to share the clinical knowledge, best practices, and hard-won experiences that would improve their patients' outcomes. The leaders in the advanced practice field wanted to create an organization that would bring these diverse professions together in the spirit of collaboration. In the Fall of 2014, the Advanced Practitioner Society for Hematology and Oncology, or APSHO, formed as a society that now boasts over 1,400 members.

It is hard to overstate the impact that Mary had on the formation of JADPRO, which ultimately launched JADPRO Live, and which ultimately launched APSHO. It's quite a legacy. And it's our honor to recognize that same spirit and dedication in her advanced practice colleagues who continue the fight against cancer.
Pamela Hallquist Viale, RN, MS, CNS, ANP
Founding President of the Board of Directors, APSHO
2018 Recipient

Jeannine Brant, PhD, APRN, AOCN, FAAN
Billings Clinic, Billings, Montana

Dr. Jeannine Brant is an oncology clinical nurse specialist, pain consultant, palliative care team member, and nurse scientist for Billings Clinic in Montana. Dr. Brant's repertoire blends her clinical expertise in pain and symptom management with her program of research, which includes improving patient symptoms and focusing on nursing sensitive indicators that lead to quality nursing and interdisciplinary care. Dr. Brant has more than 70 contributions to the literature on cancer, palliative care, pain/symptom management, and other research topics. Dr. Brant is also an internationally recognized speaker and has lectured at more than 200 national and international seminars and symposia. She earned a BSN from Montana State University, a MS in physiological nursing from the University of California, San Francisco, a PhD in cancer nursing from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and was inducted into the American Academy of Nursing in 2014. View the video below about Dr. Brant to give you a bit more insight into the career of this extraordinary clinician.